Cost Containment

Self-Funded Costs


Small Claims





Under every form of self-funding, you will spend approximately 30% of your dollars on administrative fees and stop-loss insurance, with approximately 70% of your dollars paying your small claims. Implementing programs that focus on your small claims not only improves the financial success of your program, it also helps lower employee out of pocket cost and improves clinical outcomes.


Cost-Containment Options

There are many types of cost-containment available to a self-funded client. Essentially, they fall into three categories: Medical, Prescription and Population Management.

Working with Katz/Pierz, we help design, implement, and manage a cost-containment program that reflects your company goals and culture. We adopt a “crawl, walk, run” approach to your level of cost-containment engagement.


Oversight and clinical interventions to ensure the right care at the right price.


Pharmacy Benefit Management, site-of-care, and specialty drug management to control rising pharmacy costs.

Population management

Wellness and education to help members improve health and manage the system.

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