7 Steps to Build Employees’ Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines

May 4, 2021


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have all looked forward to returning to a semblance of normalcy that includes safe in-person gatherings and an eventual return to work in the office. The widespread distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is one of the most effective steps that state and local governments have relied upon as they slowly, but surely loosen restrictions. However, receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is an individual choice each employee may or may not choose to make. As an employer, you must also decide how you want to handle the topic of COVID-19 vaccinations in your workplace and how it will impact your reopening plan (if you have ceased in-person operations).


While every employer has specific circumstances to consider, below are some general tips that can guide your employee COVID-19 vaccine communications.

Getting more of your staff on board with signing up for a COVID-19 vaccine will not happen overnight. Committing to these steps and incorporating them consistently into your employee communications will help build your employees’ confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines, and get your company on track to business as normal.

For more information on the considerations each employer should make as they craft their workplace’s vaccination policy, download and read the following PDF:


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