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About Katz/Pierz

For over 30 years, clients have relied on the professionals at Katz/Pierz to design and manage benefit programs that meet their unique needs.


But it’s not about us…This is your story; your benefit plan; your employees;
your bottom line. We’re here to provide guidance, resources, services, and tools
to ensure that you get the outcomes you want.


To paraphrase Stephen Covey:

– Our main thing is to keep your main thing the main thing. –

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United Benefit Advisors

Experience the comfort of working with a local advisor and the confidence from the backing of an international organization.
United Benefit Advisors (UBA) is one of the nation's largest privately held employee benefit advisory organizations, with multiple offices located throughout the United States.
United Benefit Advisors Partner Firm

How will you measure up? The results of the 2021 UBA Health Plan Survey are out: