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In 2015, Katz/Pierz was proudly selected to be a United Benefit Advisors (UBA) Partner Firm.

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The 130+ elite employee benefits firms that form United Benefit Advisors® ​​come together to pool their knowledge and resources.

UBA Partner Firms offer employers a local trusted advisor who provides sophisticated, cost-effective employee benefit solutions ​equal to or better than those offered by the large brokerages.

UBA Partner Firms deliver employee benefit solutions that attract and retain the best employees while controlling costs. Employers served by UBA Partner Firms mirror 98% of employers and industries, including small to large companies in every geographic region and major U.S. metropolitan area.

UBA Partner Firms understand and support ​employers' unique needs.

  • Strengthen ​compliance efforts with expert resources.
  • Guide ​strategic planning with extensive health plan benchmarking data.
  • Streamline HR with education and resources.

How do your benefits stack up?

The 2021 UBA Health Plan Survey results reveal noteworthy trends and developments that can guide employers in benchmarking their plans against industry counterparts to make the most informed health care plan decisions possible.

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Katz/Pierz health plan survey

Why benchmark?

To strategize

Data customized to your benefit offerings helps you decide what type of package you want to offer. You’ll also have a perspective on your competitors’ benefits.

To manage costs

Gain insight on benefit trends, so you can develop an informed plan of action to budget for potential increases — which can be managed with the help of the right broker partner.

To highlight value

Attraction and retention of top talent is crucial to your business, and benefits have never been more important to employees. Benchmarking allows you to showcase the strength of your benefits package.

Benchmark Your Plan

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