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Being well-advised will help simplify complicated choices and improve the effectiveness of your benefit program.

Katz Pierz will work with you to assess your benefit needs, prioritize your goals, introduce appropriate tools to reach your diversified workforce and be available to guide you through every step of the process. These knowledge resources reflect the experiences and research conducted by UBA Partner Firms and are intended to help employers better understand the challenges they face in real life situations.

DOL Audit

In this white paper, we’ll delve into how to prepare for the audit, the best way to acclimate your staff to the audit process, what the DOL wants, and complying with requests. It does not replace advice from a qualified individual or agency, but it is a great place to start in terms of educating oneself about the risk and impact of and audit. Download here

Employee Engagement

A company starts a wellness program or purchases a stellar benefit in the hopes that it will boost morale, retain top talent and even shrink health insurance costs. Yet the company still ends up with an unhappy and unhealthy workforce that is unproductive. Download here


The regulations on grandfathered plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are designed to allow employers to keep their current plans intact and at the same time ensure that employees are protected from significant loss of benefits. Download here


While cost-sharing and cost-shifting are common strategies, some small and mid-size employers are taking an even bigger plunge into an alternative method of funding that once was feasible only for big companies: self-funded health care plans. Download here